Bernadette Fam
Creative / Directing


Bernadette Fam is an interdisciplinary dramaturg, director and theatre-maker. As Dramaturg Bernadette has worked with a range of companies including but not limited to: Playwriting Australia, PYT Fairfield, Sydney Chamber Opera, Poetry in Action, Critical Stages Touring, Green Door Theatre Company, Rogues Projects and Antipodes Theatre. Bernadette has worked as a script assessor for Sydney Theatre Company and Griffin Theatre Company. As director Bernadette directed Chewing Gum Dreams by Michaela Coel (Green Door Theatre Company/Red Line Productions) and St Marys Kid Ensemble (Q Theatre). She has directed new work developments for Green Door Theatre Company, Critical Stages Touring and Griffin Theatre Company. She assistant directed The Lifespan of a Fact (Sydney Theatre Company), Young Frankenstein (Hayes Theatre Company) and Lady Tabouli (National Theatre of Parramatta). In 2022 she was a Literary Associate for Belvoir Theatre Company, a Griffin Studio artist and Creative Producer at Green Door Theatre Company.


    "Chewing Gum Dreams masterfully weaves between cheeky comedy and hardcore themes of classism, colourism, systemic racism, and sexual assualt thanks to the range of Pitso’s performance and Fam’s honest direction."
    Diversity Arts Australia

    "Absolute killer. Fantastic story. Hilarious...Great Music"

    "What a show! Everyone please go"
    Jessica Loeb

    "An air of reverence for the character, and for Coel’s text, puts strongly in focus, all that is important about Chewing Gum Dreams, demanding of us a corresponding gravity with which to consider the themes at play."
    Suzy Goes Sees