Clary Riven
Creative / Directing



Clary Riven (she/her) is a director from Caracas, Venezuela. Clary is a graduate of Monash University Bachelor Of Performing Arts degree, where she trained to become a theatre maker. Her recent credits include: Resident Director of ‘&Juliet’ with Michael Cassel Group (2023-2024), Director of ‘Rebel: A New Musical’ (2019), Autonomous Inventions’s ‘Protein’ (2021-2022), ‘Drew Downing’s Ultimate 90’s Playlist’ (2019), ‘God Only Knows: Songs of Brian Wilson’ (2018 – 2019), ‘Tinder Tales: A New Musical’ (2018), ‘Beautiful Things: A new musical Workshop’ (2018), and has performed the role of assistant director on productions such as Stageart’s ‘Memphis’ (2017), ‘Bare’ (2018) under Dean Drieberg, and Watch This’ ‘Into The Woods’ (2022). Clary is the current Artistic Director of Second Level Productions.