Jorrden Daley
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Jorrden Daley is a screenwriter based in Sydney, Australia. Her debut feature, family drama THE LONGEST WEEKEND, premiered at Sydney Film Festival in June 2022 before touring the festival circuit. The film is represented internationally by Media Luna and is being distributed in North America by Gravitas Ventures and by Umbrella Entertainment across Australia and New Zealand.

In 2023, Jorrden has written on record breaking Stan series BUMP as well as received development funding from Screen Australia for her Religious Historical Horror feature film titled HELOISE with Jess Carrera attached to produce.

Jorrden has four more features in development including Feminist Horror, HUNTER VALLEY, and genre bending Romcom turned Thriller, BABY PLEASE COME HOME, which are in development with Pacific Shadow Pictures, and Erotic Road Trip Thriller GOODBYE MARYLANDS which is in development with Breathless Films.

Jorrden is also working on her directorial debut, a found footage horror, WELCOME BACK TO MY CHANNEL, as well as a raft of TV projects.

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“I am a humanist and take the study of character seriously, with no fear of darkness or confrontation. My writing is usually escapist as I most often enjoy exploring worlds very different than my own, though always with a level of realism and authenticity – unavoidably female and feminist, with a good balance of cynicism and romance.

I work across genres, having written in romantic comedy, romantic drama, family drama, teen drama, period drama, dramedy, horror, thriller, sci-fi, crime – for premium film and television to micro-budget or made for TV movies.”

I strongly believe in collaboration as the strength of the medium. My work is proudly commercial and accessible with universal reach.” –    Jorrden Daley


    "… a wonderful and meaningful family drama that embraces the nature of truth telling …"
    -Film Ink

    "Rich dialogue allows for authentic performances that feel like a family gradually pulling themselves back together after being stretched apart by the machinations of life."
    - Letterboxd

    "Simple story told superbly, made me laugh and cry."
    - Letterboxd

    "It’s a Trojan horse that speaks to trauma, identity, family, and mostly learning when it’s time to say “enough.”
    - Letterboxd